For any land to qualify as recreational, it has to include one or more elements of outdoor activity. That can be a wooded area that supports big game for hunting, land where a stream flows through for fishing, farmland, slopes for skiing, trails, and equestrian estates. Lake or beachfront property is also considered recreational land. In addition to recreational benefits, the land also has the potential to be developed or farmed to earn owners an income.

Many people purchase such parcels of land just to relax, experience peace and quiet, and retire or live in wide open spaces. Others turn the purchase into a profitable investment via development, improvements to how the land is managed, or utilizing access to activities to provide tours and lodging to guests. Whether the land is for personal use, development, or both, finding land that suits desired purposes, needs, and financial limits requires experienced help and services. A general real estate agent or broker may have a few listings to offer buyers, but companies that specialize in farm and recreational land will be better suited to guide buyers through the entire process. Agents who specialize, such as those at American Farm & Ranch, are familiar with the potential value of the property, know and understand local mineral and water rights, and have hundreds of listings available throughout the country.

People seeking Equestrian estates for sale, for example, will need properties with stables, corrals, equine facilities, and space to exercise horses. A general agent may have listings for large estates where all those extra buildings can be constructed, but an agent that specializes will have listings that have all those out buildings already in place. That saves buyers time and money. If buyers have horses, they can simply relocate them quickly and easily. They will not have to pay for boarding while a stable is being constructed on the new land. If the land is purchased for commercial development purposes, owners can begin boarding horses as soon as the sale is completed.

Other types of properties for sale include horse farms, agriculturally rich farmland, property zoned for commercial recreation, and wooded land. Listings range from one-hundred acres to tens of thousands of acres, so property can be found to accommodate any immediate needs and desires as well as future goals. Visit the AFR website to view current properties for sale, learn detailed information about other services offered, and contact an agent to begin the search process.AFR